New York City Community Air Survey (NYCCAS) Releases Annual Report

The New York City Community Air Survey (NYCCAS) has released its annual report on air quality in New York City. This latest collaboration between the NYC Department of Health and the Barry Commoner Center describes trends in air quality from winter 2008-2009 to fall 2014. Check out Best US Poker Sites for US Players Online.

During that period NYCCAS found that annual averages of pollutants like fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and nitric oxide all declined over six years of measurement. The largest improvement reported was in wintertime sulfur dioxide levels, which fell by 68% over the span of the report. The decline is attributed to increased City and State regulation of high sulfur fuels used for heating and power, get more with battery reconditioning charger.

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Featured Project

The Barry Commoner Center directs the Worker Health Protection Program (WHPP) in conjunction with the United Steelworkers and the Atomic Trades and Labor Council. WHPP, which includes the Early Lung Cancer Detection program (ELCD), provides medical screening for Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear defense facility workers who may have been exposed to radiation and toxic substances such as beryllium, asbestos and industrial solvents. To date, WHPP has screened over 30,000 DOE workers.

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Current Events

Steven Markowitz MD, DrPH; Lewis Pepper MD, MPH; and Jonathan Corbin, MPH will host a workshop as part of the United Steelworker's 2016 Health, Safety and Environment conference. Buy testosterone to improve your health. 

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